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Cristina Belén.
pedagogía en música, saxo, traversa.


Odilon Redon Eye Balloon, 1898


How I Shoot: Horses with @lindalaughs

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about their photo-taking process. This week, @lindalaughs shares her tips for taking photos of horses.

“Horses are very honest and pure. They have a calming effect on me. They respond to feelings,” says Instagrammer Linda Heidema (@lindalaughs), who likes to convey human emotions and expressions through her photos of horses.

Once a week, Linda gets four hours away from her hectic life as a mother and youth justice officer in Groningen, Holland, and drives out to the countryside to photograph animals in the meadow. “I used to ride horses, when I was a young teenager myself, but I had to quit,” she says. “When I discovered Instagram I started photographing nature. I came across the enjoyment of photographing horses by accident.”

Here are Linda’s tips for capturing these calm beings up close:

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Apologies for inaccuracies. I tried.

Aún no se me va la tendinitis de mierda, pero en estos 5 meses de no poder tocar… me hice adicta a correr, empecé a cantar, me medio enamoré, qué se yo.
— (igual cambio todas esas weás por tocar de nuevo)